Like Catz have Lives we have to have *Rules* unfortunatly. :) But please don't worry, we're pretty easy going here at Graphicat Sketchs. So....since there are 9 lives....lets make 9 Rules:

1. Follow the sketch. (I mean really... it IS a sketch challenge after all! LOL) Feel free to move bits about and alter as you need to but we still must be able to recognize the sketch.

2. No back linking to older I really dont know HOW you'd do this unless you have ESP and previously made the card KNOWING what sketch I was gonna make up for ya....but still....gotta say it... only NEW projects PLEASE. You have the WHOLE month now....come on! :)

3. You can combine challenges, but please.... keep it to a minimum of like 5?!? Is that fair?? many challenges do you NEED to enter at one time?? And well....think of the TIME Im saving you alone what with all that backlinking and all.... geesh! I dont know how you ladies do it really....Im just too lazy I guess. LOL

4. You can enter as many times as you like....if you like my sketch that much...then I say GO for it! But now....dont make me have to change this... LOL Maybe cap it at 5 entries?? and each entry must be DIFFERENT than the others OK?? deal??

5. Enter your BLOG POST only please! If you're on a DT or have been you'll know how much time commenting can take, we LOVE doing it, and LOVE visiting your blogs, but please dont make us hunt for your card! :) oh...which reminds me....please turn off word verification and music.... please?!?!?

6. Wow..... ok....who knew 9 rules would be hard to make up.....

7. This is more of a suggestion and a request, but it would be nice if you stopped by a few of the Crafty Catz personal blogs and left them some love. Cause well they're FABULOUS and Im rather fond of them all.

8. BLATANT PLUG: Graphicat Designs is the main supporter/creator/sponsor of this challenge blog....go check out their stuff!!! Bring your funny bone with you. :)

9. HAVE FUN!!!!