Monday, April 15, 2013

A special Challenge

This week the design team agreed with Cheri that we should all make birthday cards for a special young lady for her 8th birthday. We heard about her on a Facebook group that several of us are members of and we all decided we should see how many of our wonderful followers would like to join in.
 Here is the story that touched our hearts. 

Ladies I need your help! quick story I met a wonderful lady through FB playing a game I no longer play. A friend via a friend kinda thing. Her name is Daylyn Michael and she is a fellow military spouse. Her husband Josh survived two Iraq deployments and was medically discharged due to brain trauma from 2 IED explosions. On November 15th 2012 , in Midland Tx, in a parade to honor veterans, a Union Pacific train slammed into the float carrying the 2 of them. He did not survive, Daylyn survived without a scratch because her courageous husband threw her from the float so her children would not be orphans. She has asked her friends for a small favor their daughter is turning 8 on the 20th. Her first birthday without her dad. Daylyn wants to make it special and all she is asking is that we flood her daughter with cards. Would anyone be willing to send her one? 

OK so here's the challenge this week, it's an anything goes as long as it's a card for Maci. A birthday card preferably. Graphicat Designs has created some stamps just for this occasion and if you would like to use any of them, they are free for the taking, again, we ask that if you take a sentiment, please use it on card for Maci. You will find the FREEBIES on our Freebie page, just click on the page link above.  Please email any of us for the address to send you card and enter the challenge to win a $15 GC to www,

Here is some DT samples for you to check out!! 

Cheri (I've made another for Maci that says Maci, not Abby)




KC said...

I would love to make a card for Maci!!! where would I find a digi for her? all my images are so dark I'm not sure they would work for an 8yr old :)

Ruza Rebel said...

I uploaded the card I created for Maci. Got the address from Regan and it is going in the mail today.

Thank you for doing this, and I hope all of the cards she gets bring a smile to her face and some comfort.

Dorothy S said...

I just uploaded a card I made for MACI. It will be late, but it is probably fine to spread things out. However, I seem to be computer challenged and cannot spot your e-mail contact. Could I ask you to send the address:
edschultz11 (at) gmail (dot)com

I apologize for the inconvenience.